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--- Code: ---
Sub ComboAddRowbyAry(hWndControl As Dword, tmpArray() As String, StartRow As Integer,ByVal ItemDataPos As Integer, ByVal ItemStringPos As Integer)
    Local intY As Integer
    Local tmpIndex As Long
    FF_ComboBox_ResetContent(hWndControl )
    For inty=startrow To UBound(tmparray,2)
       tmpindex=FF_ComboBox_AddString( hWndControl, tmparray(itemstringpos,inty))
       FF_ComboBox_SetItemData (hWndControl, tmpindex,CvL(tmparray(itemdatapos,inty)))

End Sub


Sub ShowCombobyItem(hWndControl As Dword, tmpKeyValue As Long)
  Local intY As Integer
  Local ListCount As Long
  Local tmpItemData As Long
  'ztrace Str$(tmpKeyValue)
  listcount=FF_ComboBox_GetCount( hWndControl)
  If listcount >0 Then
    For inty=0 To listcount
      tmpitemdata=FF_ComboBox_GetItemData( hWndControl, intY )
      If tmpitemdata=tmpkeyvalue Then     
        FF_ComboBox_SetCurSel( hWndControl, inty )
        Exit Sub
      End If
  End If
End Sub


Sub ShowCombobyText(hWndControl As Dword, tmpTextValue As String)
  Local tmpResult As Long

  tmpresult=FF_ComboBox_FindString( hWndControl, -1, tmpTextValue)
  'ztrace Str$(tmpresult)
  FF_ComboBox_SetCurSel( hWndControl, tmpresult )
End Sub

--- End code ---


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