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ZK Installation Guide


Van Chan:
For NetBeans IDE User

Install NetBeans REM

Install NetBeans
1. Download the latest NetBeans IDE from here.
2. Follow the installation wizard.

Install REM plugin
1. Download the latest REM plugin from here
2. Start NetBeans
3. On NetBeans' main menu bar, select Tools > Plugins.
4. Click on the "Downloaded" tab, followed by "Add Plugins" to open the file explore.
5. Navigate to where REM is downloaded and select the REM plugin.
6. Click "Install" and follow the NetBeans plugin manager prompts.

Reference Documents

For Eclipse User

Download Eclipse IDE

Download ZK Studio

Eclipse 3.7 (Indigo)
- Marketplace
  [Help] -> [Eclipse Marketplace]

- Update Site [Help] ->
  [Install New Software]

- Package
  Offline installation package download

- Release Note

- ZK Studio Installation Guide

Reference Documents


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